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Polish language course and Cracow sightseeing

Polish language course and Cracow sightseeing

Three days in Cracow, learning Polish language. You can learn a language staying in Poland.
We assure accommodation for 2 nights in hotel, meals and care of Polish resident through all the time during your stay in Poland.
Participating in Polish language course you will spend nice time with friendly people, with Polish Native Speaker, who takes care of you and all the group during your stay in Poland. Our aim is to teach without stress in a nice way, sightseeing Cracow and good fun.
Arrival from airport to hotel
Immediately upon arrival to Poland, the Polish guide will pick you up from the airport with the people you arrived or only you if it is your individual trip. The price includes: fees for tickets in Cracow and surroundings of Cracow, so you do not have to pay additionally for them.

We have common meals together so that we could also learn new words and phrases which are useful for ordering food etc. We go together to zoo to learn names of animals. Each trip to Cracow can look different depending on the seasons which are full of various attractions. We visit Cracow and surroundings, we follow the route/trail called Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska seeing castles, ruins, wooden architecture, caves on the area of national park. We also see beautiful landscapes and mountains. A lot of groups will visit Zakopane and can walk the mountain trails.

Polish guide will take back the group directly to the hotel and the next day in the morning he picks up again in order to continue learning Polish and staying among Poles.

You can come to Cracow individually – only You and teacher. Another option are classes in the group of friends –you choose yourself who you want to come with. You can also arrive to attend classes with people you do not know from your country or from other countries. Learning in the group is very interesting and you can meet new friends and find out a lot about culture issues – everything in Polish, of course.

During our lessons we use different methods e.g. using pictures, photos, objects and gestures. We listen together Polish music. Even the person who has never learnt Polish before can participate because our lessons are easy and make you learn quickly and in a natural way.

People with different language levels may attend the course. It does not disturb in common learning which takes place in Poland. Person with advanced level of speaking will learn new things staying with less advanced language level students because we always learn something new. Polish Native Speaker is all the time with the group requiring interaction in Polish language which is easy cause you learn in a nice atmosphere.

We would also like to invite all the families to participate in the course, please read more about it in: language course for families.

Course for families
We also invite parents with children to learn Polish and to visit Cracow. Children also have its own course in Polish during which they learn to speak and have the possibility to play with other children. Professional classes with children are conducted by experienced teachers. The methods they use during teaching is playing. Children with parents can visit Cracow and even during its classes can participate with children in course. Learning the language is done in a natural way by staying among Poles, listening to their speech and participating in events.

Day 1
Arrival – we go to the hotel
Introduction, getting to know the names, the origin of the country –everything in Polish language
Common meal (lunch or dinner, depending on the time of day)
Walking in Krakow historic market, learning the first words .e.g goodbye, words from environment
Walk in the vicinity of Vistula river, near castle Wawel – Cracow by night looks wonderful
Coming back in the evening to hotel

Day 2
Breakfast together
Polish lesson starting from basic words with professional teacher of Polish for foreigners – classes in the hotel
Dinner – we taste typical Polish food
Going out with Polish guide to visit the city
shopping – we get to know the basic words and phrases used by buying particular products
when it is warm we have a trip by bicycle, in cold days – going out to swimming pool or travel by ship on Vistula river to the south part of Cracow- Tyniec
revision of all the new words learnt

(Option with one day trip to mountains: leave in the morning, sightseeing Zakopane or travel to Tatra mountains, classes in Polish in the evening after returning to Cracow – in order to go to mountains you should in advance declare it during registration before arrival to Cracow. Attention: travel to mountains does not mean hitchhiking or climbing dangerous routes – we only move on the safe mountain trails, we walk. You should be equipped with proper mountain shoes- avoid high heel shoes or sandals. (If a given group wants to visit high Tatry mountains and see the dangerous trails, they should inform in advance about such request.)

Day 3
Polish language course in the hotel
Further visiting
Practical tasks (each of the participants will be assigned to do a task, which will include using Polish language in practice, e.g. the task to do shopping using the names of products in Polish, buying tickets for tram or asking somebody for a way etc.)
giving certificates confirming participation in Polish course in Poland
departure to airport

this is a short agenda which shows what you can expect during our stay in Cracow. Visiting particular places may be subject to change depending on the weather or season. You can expect good fun, learning and souvenirs from Cracow which will remind you where you were and what you saw. Attractions await you. You can register for 3 different trips because each trip is different and in Cracow and Poland there are other wonderful places to see.

Other attractions to be agreed in advance:
Trip to Polish mountains, walking on tourist routes, night in the hostel for tourists and not in hotel
Visiting more than once city – other interesting cities in Poland.

How to book a place
In order to participate in the course, you should write an email or call us. If you have your own group of people who you want to come with, it is enough if you give the number of persons and the date of arrival
If you want to have individual classes, alone, write to us – then you do not have to wait for other people but you come alone when you have time and lust, informing us only a few days in advance (time needed to book for you a hotel).
However if you want to join the group of people from different countries, write to us that you are ready to participate, giving as details date of arrival and we will tell you if such date is possible.

How many people can be in the group? You can have classes with 1, 2 or 3 persons. If you have more people willing to come and if you want with all of them to have classes and fun in Poland – email us and all the group can participate in the course.

Before you come, you have to make a prepayment which is necessary to pay the staying in hotel, meals and tickets for places which must be booked in advance.
If you do not want to book the airline ticket yourself, email us – in this situation you have to pay us the price of the airline return ticket.

How many persons can be in the group?
Groups may consist of 2 to 4 or 5 persons. Bigger groups are divided to smaller ones up to 5 people. Big groups which want to have classes at the same time may constitute one big group- however we should be informed about it in advance, that is during registration, the number of people in the group also should be given.

The price includes:
Polish language course 10 lesson plus materials
Constant learning of Polish with Native Speaker, who stays with you through all the time during your stay
Fees for travelling in Cracow and surroundings
Tickets to places which we will visit
2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners
Three day accommodation in hotel (2 nights)

The price of 3 day course in group from 2 to 5 persons with accommodation in Poland – price per person: 509 euro

The price of 3 day course with accommodation in Poland – individual course: 647 euro

As a welcome present from us you will get a book to learn Polish with the necessary words and phrases and tourist guide about Cracow in Polish or any other language on request.

All the rooms are equipped with:
TV-SAT, radio,
access to internet.

Courses for companies
We also offer courses of Polish for companies including accommodation, food and sightseeing Cracow.

Three day course – 25 lessons
Five day course – 50 lessons

Three day course:
Individual: 648 euro
for 2 persons: 476 euro
for 3 and more persons: 399 euro

five day course
Individual: 1090 euro
For 2 persons: 791 euro
For 3 and more people: 664 euro

The price includes:
Polish language course plus materials
breakfast, lunches, dinner
visiting Cracow and surroundings with Polish guide – he/she tells about Cracow in Polish language
picking up by car from airport to hotel, travel to airport after the end of the course

How to register for the course:

e-mail: [email protected]
tel. +48 012 378 97 55
kom. +48 506 959 382

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